ASH AND LIGHT In a perfect world, bridesmaids are besties - meant to be celebrated and dressed up in love. But, too many of our lady friends have found themselves marooned on our couch, wine in hand, not knowing what to do with the apple green bobbinet monstrosity they've just been asked to wear. We said, "no more!" So we set out armed with our experience and the desire to provide the cool girls of the world with the awesomely wearable (and re-wearable) alternative to traditional bridesmaids' dresses that they've been missing.

Ash + Light was borne at home, in the presence of our closest and most trusted girlfriends. We planned a brunch, steeled with mimosas aplenty, to unveil our secret bridesmaid dress sketches; then, we braced ourselves for some honest opinions (NYC girls don't play around). Our ladies embraced the vision with open arms - it was actually cool, they said; they could wear these dresses again and again. No parts of theirs would be squeezed into submission; nothing would fall down or off. These dresses felt like home. We mixed more cocktails. Our dolls then shared their personal tales of woe; they were genuine, candid and brutally sincere – thanks in no small part to the twelve (12!) bottles of champagne they'd housed. We listened. Then we designed Ash + Light for them. And for you, our amazing warrior women.

We've created dresses that will make you feel like your best and actual self, so that on your friend's wedding day you will be equally at home walking down the aisle and dancing your ass off at the reception. We believe in the Serbian custom that a bridal party becomes family on the Big Day, and that it marks the beginning of your adventure together rather than being a transient event that ends after Sunday brunch. This is why we discourage wastefulness and bridezilla antics – instead, we embrace sisterhood and the notion that a bridal party is a team (and a damn fine team at that). And when your team is all together on the dance floor at the end of the night, punch-dancing with one hand and cheersing with the other in a pool of glitter, we'll know our job is done.

So there you have it. We heart design, New York, fun, and every single one of our really cool girls. Like you.
Titi + Meli



All Ash + Light photographs are the work of the insanely multi-talented Claudia Santiso. She is our creative partner in crime, sister in arms, and cherished friend. We love her as much as she loves bacon. And she really, really loves bacon. Please visit her incredible site.

All the stunning shoes (except blue satin) in our Spring/Summer 2014 collection are courtesy of Dolce Vita with many thanks. Oh, like you don't already have them bookmarked.

You may have noticed the gorgeous latex pieces featured in some of our photos. Tableaux Vivants is a New York City based brand whose desire is to elevate the look of latex fashion as we know it. Sonia Agostino's endless well of creative energy feeds the revolutionary brand, rooted in the idea that latex is both a beautiful medium and a high-fashion staple. Do yourself a favor and mosey on over to their website to have your mind blown.

Katie Burley Millinery is a purveyor of finely crafted handmade accessories, wedding veils, hand blocked hats, flower crowns, ethereal headpieces, bridal adornment, and magic. Katie Burley the woman is a 15-year practitioner of the art of millinery, using traditional tools and techniques, and a bewitching genius who makes gorgeous spellbinding things.

Marina Dobreva is a New York City based stylist and image consultant, an expert genius of style, and a dear friend of Ash + Light. Her vibrant flair for the unexpected can be seen in our current lookbook (isn't she great?), and she can do the same for you and your bridal party. Marina’s inimitable gift for transforming simple items to true works of fashion art with just a few flashes of her magic wand is almost as rare as her innate ability to extract a highly personal sense of style and translate it into tangible looks. You oughta look her up. Seriously.

Original artworks appearing in the studio images/video courtesy of Tim Pearson, with thanks to the artist.

Special thanks go to our assistant stylist, Josh Bowen.